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PaddleSUPnorth is a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Ohana originating on the north shore of Lake Ontario in Toronto, Canada. Our passion for the sport has grown from flatwater and recreation to all types of SUP, emerging with an all out lifestyle.

We are very grateful to have met many extraordinary people from all walks of life who have embraced the SUP culture and history. We strive to create opportunities for new paddlers to experience the joy of SUP and to share the sport we love with other enthusiastic paddlers.

Table of Contents

Stand Up Paddle Boards...Catch the Next Wave
Ride Stand Up Paddle Boards with us and Catch the Next Wave of Fun and Fitness
Stand Up Paddleboarding Group Events
Get your group together to enjoy a great time and a great workout Stand up paddleboarding
SUP Fitness for the Whole Person.
SUP Fitness is the fastest growing form of exercise. Find ways to get on board with or without water.
Stand Up Paddling History
The history of Stand Up Paddling or SUP
SUP Blog
LoLo Kimo (Crazy Tim) provides insights from the SUP world from his own unique perspective.
About Stand Up Paddle (SUP)
Stand up paddle or SUP is like walking on water and is a tremendous activity promoting physical and mental fitness.
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